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Our Story...

" Music is one of the greatest gifts in life"

Music heals everything and it’s something we all need in our lives, it reminds us of times and places gone by, people we want to remember and people we want to forget!

My journey started at an early age, with me buying my first Music Centre at 15, saving for two years with a paper round, I played that thing to death!

Who would have thought it would have taken me so much musically deeper, deep into the Acid House music scene, playing for 5 years, twice a week in the centre of Liverpool, then on to study for a sound engineering degree at night school for two years with SAE.

All of that has helped me craft and build Merseyside Music Studio into something unique.

Housed in its own brick build Annex it’s been over 20 years in the making, taking the best of old and new technologies, combining them together creating a studio like no other.

If you’re a vocalist looking to get your voice recorded, we have the world’s best iconic microphones at your disposal.

If you want the experience of DJing or Music Production we have experiences that go as shallow or as deep as you want to travel

We have industry standard DJ and Production equipment and experts in both fields to help you fully realise your musical potential

So, what are you waiting for, give us a call, chats are free and let’s see how we can help