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" Music is one of the greatest things in life... but there's no greater feeling

 than making your own music"

I had a paper round at 13 years old that helped me save up for my first Music centre ... It took a year to get the 99 Quid needed but it was money well spent.

Brought up on "Hank Williams" in our family home the first dance track that shaped my life was "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer, a track that still holds it's own to this day.

My first DJ break was when I got to take over the DJ at a club in Liverpool City Centre, this started a residency that lasted 5 years travelling through the "Acid House" Scene.

I have been writing and publishing books on computers from the age of 15, which has given me both a technical and creative approach to music with unique skill sets...

I've studied music and worked with musical icons that I could have only dreamed of and now use that knowledge to help others achieve their dreams.



Jonny Mar's Guitar in the studio

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0844 736 5228